SCo Psychotherapy, PLLC
Office in Colorado Springs 
We offer in office and online sessions. 

Call for a free confidential phone call to discuss if services might be appropriate for you.




(to safeguard your privacy, please request a secure email from us before including confidential information in emails)

Fax: (719) 694-2723

(Please send all record requests to the fax number)

We offer therapeutic and evaluation services to adults, couples, youth, and families in a personal, private and professional setting. Our offices are located in buildings that are also used for other wellness purposes, so it is not obvious when you enter our buildings that you are seeking mental health services. We can also provide counseling via confidential online teleconference for clients when appropriate.


We also offer specialized services for those seeking services in Spanish, for youth with  sexual behavior problems and other relationship issues. We also offer faith-integrated treatment at both sites for those seeking to include their faith in their journey of healing.

If you are seeking an evaluation, please see our evaluation page and also contact us regarding the reason for your evaluation so we can determine if we can meet your need (719-497-9522).

If you are seeking an immigration hardship letter, please refer to our evaluation page for more information about this service.